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Hej!Workshop – the better place between home and office

Say hello to Hej!Workshop, your new favourite spot for getting things done, Swedish style. Here, we're building a community that thrives on shared moments and organic connections in a range of welcoming environments.

Bringing new community workspaces to the world

Hej!Workshop has been developed by Ingka Centres in collaboration with IKEA for Business. We opened our first Hej!Workshop at Ingka Centres’ meeting place in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2022. Our second location, Hej!Workshop with Industrious, opened in San Francisco, USA, in January 2024. And we've only just begun.

It’s simply a better way to work

Hej!Workshop provides everyone, from freelancers to small businesses, with inspirational and collaborative environments. Here, isolated areas for deep-focused work co-exist alongside comfortable communal spaces. It's professional, yet personal; organised, yet free-spirited. It's the ultimate middle ground, offering the perks of both worlds, minus the downsides.

Hej!Workshop offers a personalisable home away from home, where well-being comes first and a more rewarding working life naturally follows.

Find out more about Hej!Workshop and what makes us unique.

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