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New Projects, Announcements ~ July 10, 2023

Ingka Centres' newest destination, “Lykli” puts India front and centre of the retail revolution 

One of the key global players in commercial real estate just announced the name of its new brand, determined to capture the hearts of the many people of India with its innovative meeting place concept, challenging the way we think about the shopping industry.  

10 JuLY 2023, New Delhi: India's retail landscape is experiencing a remarkable transformation as the country witnesses a skyrocketing rise of the shopping mall culture. Anticipated to surge at an annual growth rate of 29 percent, the retail sales within the shopping malls of the top eight cities are poised to reach an impressive $39 billion by 2027. As consumers crave immersive shopping experiences and a diverse range of offerings under one roof, Ingka Centres’ newest meeting place Lykli is set to emerge as a key destination for entertainment, social connections and retail therapy in the lucrative Indian market.  

“Shopping malls have long been perceived as simply places to shop. Ingka Centres´ immersive experiences challenge this outdated concept and transform shopping malls into a destination for many people to recharge, play, build emotional connections and nurture community. Lykli will capture that promise in its own unique way directly speaking to the people of Gurugram,”says Anna Larsen, Global Marketing Manager for Ingka Centres.   

The name Lykli comes from ‘lycklig’, a Swedish word for ‘happy’ and it was chosen by its future customers in India! With customer satisfaction being the company's top priority, Ingka Centres invited people to share their feelings around several potential names, and they were instinctively drawn to happiness, vibrancy and liveliness embodied by ´Lykli`. 

The first assets to bear the bright and lively new brand will be Lykli Gurugram meeting place in New Delhi, scheduled to open in late 2025. The meeting place will be anchored by IKEA and has been designed to meet local needs with a playful blend of dining and entertainment complemented by a diverse retail selection of both global and local brands. It will also provide high-class office facilities as well as spaces for community events. Earlier this year, Ingka Centres confirmed that PVR Limited became the first tenant of Lykli Gurugram that will operate a nine-screen movie multiplex as a part of a leisure offer in a new meeting place, with many more tenants bringing unique and exciting experiences!  

Ingka Centres already won the hearts of both industry and its loyal customers with its dedication to people and planet, and with Lykli they want to further strengthen that promise. The new meeting place is thoughtfully designed to foster a sense of community and prioritise well-being of over two million busy individuals in Gurugram. With a strong focus on health and well-being, it offers spaces that encourage relaxation and support mental and physical wellness. By addressing these specific areas, the meeting place aims to build a supportive community that caters to the holistic needs of its local population.   

Reflecting the local community’s need for more than shopping, but also catering to the awoken conscious consumer, the new meeting place will set the golden standard for the next generation of sustainable mixed-use destinations. Throughout the development of the meeting place in India, Ingka Centres maximises renewable energy usage, prioritises water recycling, and implements effective waste management and recycling initiatives. With its passion for building communities and protecting the planet, Lykli is set to bring a delightful blend of freshness and playfulness into the lives of the people of Gurugram!   

For more information about the newest developments in Lykli and to keep up with innovation at Ingka Centres follow the company´s LinkedIn and Facebook page.  

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