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Announcements, Meeting Places ~ April 12, 2024

Ingka Centres opens Saluhall, its first plant-forward food hall at San Fransico Meeting place


  • 23,000 sq ft pilot is centrepiece of downtown San Francisco Meeting Place anchored by IKEA, bringing over 50 jobs to Mid-Market district

  • Food culture hub features cookingschool developed with renowned Danish chef and entrepreneur Claus Meyer

  • Operated by KERB, local vendors and in-house food and drink options champion plant-forward cuisine with 11 culinary offerings

  • The five local independent traders include Taqueria La Venganza (Mexican-inspired cuisine), MOMO Noodle (Asian-inspired cuisine), KAYMA Algerian Eater (Algerian-inspired cuisine), Curry Up Now (Indian inspired) and Casa Borinqueña (Puerto-Rican inspired)

11 APRIL 2024, SAN FRANCISCO: Ingka Centres, an expert in creating unique meeting places, and the operator of 34 IKEA-anchored shopping malls around the world, today opened the doors of a new plant-forward food hall, set to be a crossroads of culinary experiences and community events at its downtown Meeting Place in San Francisco, its first location in the United States.

Saluhall provides a hub for San Francisco’s vibrant food scene and opportunities for its many local food entrepreneurs, featuring independent local restaurants and chefs from the Bay Area. With capacity for 450 seats, the space features lively bars, five local independent food vendors, an in-house bakery restaurant, vegan burger bar and soft-serve station. It will operate between 08.00 and 22.00, seven days a week.

Cindy Andersen, Ingka Centres Managing Director, commented:

“As our recent 'Life in Communities' report revealed, the beating heart of community often resides in the shared experience around food. Saluhall embodies this essence, not just as a culinary destination, but as a beacon of hope for Market Street. With its Swedish roots and Scandinavian-inspired flair, Saluhall stands as a celebration of local heroes and a hub of cultural connection and togetherness. We believe in the potential of this iconic district to be a center of community, culture, and sustainability. Saluhall represents our vision to revitalize urban spaces, creating environments where people connect, businesses thrive, and the city's spirit shines. This is our commitment to San Francisco, a city we are proud to call home.”

Smörgåsland, the in-house bakery restaurant, has been developed for Saluhall and Ingka Centres by Claus Meyer & Ko, with the renowned Danish chef and entrepreneur helping to introduce Scandinavian-inspired, plant-forward dishes that are predominantly seasonally and locally sourced. Claus has also lent his expertise to the Cooking Skola which offers cooking lessons and demonstrations to inspire a love of plant-forward cuisine from around the world. cuisine from around the world.

Claus Meyer, culinary entrepreneur, remarked:

“San Francisco's food scene is a constant source of inspiration, with pioneers like Chad Robertson and Alice Waters leading the way. Building on that incredible foundation, we're excited to bring a taste of Copenhagen's vibrant food culture to the Bay Area. Our experiences fostering the Nordic Cuisine movement in diverse communities – from East New York to Bolivia and Morocco – have taught us valuable lessons about celebrating local ingredients and building strong connections through food. Through Saluhall, we hope to further enrich the Mid-Market street food scene by sharing these learnings and collaborating with San Francisco's culinary talents”

Saluhall will be operated by KERB, experts in incubating new food businesses. Saluhall offers a home to five exciting local food entrepreneurs, from the Bay Area, and will employ over 50 people from the local area. Saluhall means food hall in Swedish, and will focus on making plant-forward, community-centered and sustainable food available to the many people, offering San Francisco affordable, everyday experiences in a comfortable, safe and elevated culinary venue that reflects beautiful Scandi design.

Ian Dodds, co-founder of KERB, commented:

"We're thrilled to see Saluhall come to fruition. We champion the power of local, independent food and beverage in creating vibrant cityscapes, and Saluhall is our platform to showcase and empower incredible Bay Area vendors and chefs. Yes, we have ambitious goals, but at its core, Saluhall is about fostering a fun, unpretentious, and delicious experience. Launching it in the heart of this dynamic and progressive food city is an exciting challenge, and we're confident San Francisco will embrace it."

Split over two stories, architects Stiff + Trevillion have shaped a Scandinavian-style Market Hall event and entertainment space at the heart of San Francisco’s Mid-Market district that aims to deliver a crossroads of culinary experiences and community events that offer something for everyone. Saluhall borrows Nordic motifs to evoke a shared space where all are welcome and which celebrates natural materials and forms.

Ingka Centres is part of the same parent company, Ingka group, as IKEA. In a nod to their close relationship with its sister business, a simple Scandinavian style chair in an array of finishes and proportions was also specially designed for the space in partnership with IKEA.

Stéphane Keulian, F&B Concept Development Leader, added:

"Saluhall is a vibrant hub where people can connect, unwind, explore, and savor new experiences. Reflecting the principles of Scandinavian hospitality, Saluhall fosters meaningful connections through the joy of food. We've meticulously chosen vendors who share our vision, bringing unique perspectives on plant-forward meals and showcasing more sustainable food options. Think of Saluhall as your go-to community spot, where every dish tells a tale and every visit promises a culinary adventure. It's a place where community thrives, inspiring conscious food choices and embracing a forward-thinking dining culture.”

Prioritizing the Bay Area’s Independent Traders

Each of the five local vendors at Saluhall bring a unique perspective on plant-forward and more sustainable food options:

  • LA VENGANZA - Chef Raul Medina is a true Willy Wonka when it comes to plant-based protein. This Oakland favorite uses innovative techniques to create vegan versions of your favorite Mexican dishes (winning 'Best Los Angeles Taco' at the Taco Madness contest over 32 non-vegan competitors!).

  • CASA BORINQUEÑA - Chef Lulu hails from a Puerto Rican neighborhood in Brooklyn. She is fueled by a passion to bring the authentic flavors of her childhood to a new audience. From empanadas to skewers, rice plates, and incredible desserts, Chef Lulu takes pride in her mouthwatering 100% plant-based menu.

  • CURRY UP NOW - First to wrap an Indian curry in a burrito, Curry Up Now has been spreading spice across San Francisco since Akash and his wife, Rana, founded the company back in 2009. Expect Punjabi burritos, deconstructed samosas, epic vada pavs, and more.

  • MOMO NOODLE - Inspired by childhood memories of Bàn Miàn spicy noodles for breakfast and a deep-rooted passion for Sichuan cuisine, June and Anna will be serving up steaming hot noodles at Saluhall.

  • KAYMA - Husband and wife duo Mounir and Wafa are bringing a taste of Algerian hospitality to Saluhall. At KAYMA, they use food to bring people together around the table - serving up Algerian dishes like Coca (a puff pastry pie stuffed with veg), and their show stopping Lion’s Mane Mushroom “Steak.”

Ingka Centres acquired 945 Market Street in September 2020, and has since transformed the former 6x6 mall into a vibrant destination anchored by a new format IKEA which opened in August 2023. The gross leasable area of the meeting place is approximately 256,000 square feet, with Saluhall complemented by Ingka Centres’ Hej!Workshop with Industrious, a unique and flexible working concept.

Ingka Centres operates 34 Meeting Places around the world, with several more in development. Dining, leisure and sustainability hubs are increasingly important elements of the experience mix for visitors in newly opened and in-development Meeting Places in locations such as Europe, India and China.

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