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“Taking care of our elders is taking care of our future”

Volunteer League LIVAT Wuxi Wuxi, China

What’s the ultimate goal of the retail business? Some people might answer “increase sales”, some might say “raise visitation”, others “expand”. At Ingka Centres, we believe it’s to make the many people happier. And when we talk about the many people, we really mean everyone.

These include also some that need extra assistance and affection. That’s why, early in 2018, co-workers from LIVAT Centre Wuxi (China) together co-workers from the tenants of the meeting place came together to spread love and warmth at a senior care home in Yunlin, China.

They set up a team called “Volunteer League” and brought blankets and other surprises they hoped could make the guests’ winter a little easier.

There was time to play games with the residents, make dumplings together, and celebrate birthdays for the centenarians with a cake donated by the local tenant Great Bakery. Celebrations for the Chinese New Year and gift-giving moments were also highly appreciated by all the elderly people.

“Everyone is going to be old one day, so taking care of our elders is taking care of our future. Being together is the most important thing in the world.”

 Nicole Chen, LIVAT Centre Wuxi

Our team left with the hope that the time they spent with the residents and the gifts they brought along spread joy and made a small difference in the elders’ lives.

Being part of the local community means a lot to the people working at LIVAT Centre Wuxi. They hope that, with their gesture, they have inspired other centres to foster the spirit of sharing and organise similar activities that can spread a little happiness where it’s needed.

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