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Sustainability, Meeting Places ~ November 29, 2022

Ingka Centres Powers Up the Circular Economy With Circuit

  • Ingka Centres has launched ‘Circuit’ – a curated community hub for visitors to learn how to repair, reuse, rent and recycle all kinds of products

  • The world’s first Circuit space opened at Ingka Centres’ meeting place Birsta City, Sweden, offering easy access to a range of circular economy services and retailers

  • Brand new concept from Ingka Centres aims to make circular economy solutions accessible for the many people 

14 June 2022 - Ingka Centres, part of the Ingka Group (which also includes IKEA Retail and Ingka Investments), has revealed its new Circuit concept at Birsta City, Sweden. Circuit is a curated space at Ingka Centres’ meeting place for goods and services related to the circular economy, inspiring visitors to repair, reuse, refurbish and recycle everyday items and reduce waste.  Circuit at Birsta City has a welcome desk, lounge area and community ‘swap shop’ at its heart, surrounded by innovative partners that make circular living enjoyable. These include a ‘Repair Station’ staffed by community-led businesses, and leading circular retailers such as AB Småland plus Hyber which offers rental and subscription services for children’s wear and equipment. Circuit will also offer vintage and second-hand stalls for a contemporary twist on the traditional ‘flea market.’

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By gathering like-minded partners into a central space, and sharing their knowledge with visitors, Ingka Centres is helping make circular choices an easy everyday activity for local communities. The welcome hub will host workshops and activities offering access to experts with a wealth of knowledge on living a life that is more in tune with the planet and encouraging visitors to apply those fresh ideas in their everyday lives.  Ingka Centres’ Global Commercial and Digital Director, Jens Nielsen, commented:  “We’re all becoming more conscious of our consumption, with many of our simple everyday pleasures coming at a cost to both ourselves and the planet. But it doesn’t have to be this way; by making it easier to repair, reuse and recycle we can help our visitors achieve more with less, and live within the limits of our planet.  “Our meeting places are at the heart of communities, and so they are a natural location for inspiring local people. With the support of partners offering products made from renewable or recycled materials, Circuit makes it easy and exciting for our visitors and the local community to live in ways that are friendlier to both the planet and their pockets, and  I believe such spaces have potential to spread across our portfolio in the future.”

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Globally Ingka Centres is committed to inspiring one billion people to live healthier and more sustainable everyday lives by 2030. Circuit is one of the many ways in which it is helping communities to make better choices and care for the planet. Ingka Centres has also committed to tackle climate change, and its People and Planet positive strategy is focused on becoming climate positive in all its operations with a goal to use 100% renewable electricity in all its buildings worldwide by 2025 and targeting 100% renewable heating and cooling by 2030. The new Circuit space is the latest innovation to be piloted by Ingka Centres as part of its global strategy to create a new kind of retail-led destinations that are built around local communities and bring value to the people and the planet.

Ingka centres small shop

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