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For once, we won’t talk about us as a leading company in retail real estate, but rather as a great place to work. And before we go into more practical details about jobs and careers at Ingka Centres, we’d like to say one thing: if you’re planning to apply for a job, feel free to show us who you really are. We deeply believe not only in people’s skills and experience, but also – and especially – in their many talents, ideas, passions, interests, and... whatever else you have to offer.

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What’s in it for you

Well, a lot! As an employer, we have a responsibility to create a better everyday life for the many co-workers. You see problems as opportunities, break down complicated processes into simple ones, make your ideas come to life, and enable us to do great things. You shape your own journey and find many ways to grow. And from our side, we offer you a total-rewards package to support you along the way.

Equality, diversity, inclusion

We’re all different – that’s what we all have in common. At Ingka Centres, we celebrate diversity as a strength that makes us learn, grow and be better at what we do. That’s why we encourage you and all our co-workers to be who they are, and welcome their ideas, beliefs, culture and experience.

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Learning and development opportunities

In a fast-changing world, continuous learning and development are key factors to being adaptable and relevant to ever-changing customer needs. We empower you to be the driver of your own journey, and let you free to choose what you need to know, and how you prefer to learn.

Plant of opportunities

International assignments

Working abroad is a fantastic way to grow and explore – both for you and for Ingka Centres. That’s why our approach enables the movement of our co-workers within countries and across borders. And every day, we can see the positive effects of this: sharing our unique culture and values, amplifying diversity, strengthening competence flows, and expanding development opportunities – just to mention a few.

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A great place to work

We work hard to secure that ours is not just a good place to work, but a great one too. We value our co-workers’ feedback that helps us improve all the time. Through an annual co-worker survey, we get to understand how well we’re developing our business through people. This allows us to be proactive and, through the results, create clear actions for improvement.

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Health and wellbeing

Today more than ever, the health and wellbeing of people is on top of the agenda. We care about creating a healthy, sustainable and welcoming work environment – protecting your health, and actively boosting your performance and wellbeing. An environment where our you can become the best version of yourself – feeling safe, engaged, happy and, of course, healthy!

Heart of well-being

Competitive rewards and recognition

The way in which we reward and recognise our co-workers is an important part of your employment relationship and experience. At Ingka Centres, we offer a total-rewards package to support the journey we are all on. This includes a market competitive compensation package, a business-driven bonus programme, pension benefits, comprehensive insurances and much more.

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We share our values with IKEA

Since the origins of Ingka Centres are connected with those of our largest partner IKEA, we share with them not only our vision, but also our values.

Our culture of togetherness, simplicity and giving as well as taking responsibility drives us to constantly develop our ways of working. We strive every day to come up with new ideas that help us renew and improve our offer, as well as set leading examples for everyone to take inspiration from.

We always put a lot of effort in trying to be different – not just for the sake of it, but to give a meaning to everything we do and add value to our business. All of this with cost consciousness in mind and with respect for the people and our planet.

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Differences bring us together

At Ingka Centres, we work as a global network organisation – and it’s a flat one, meaning that everyone matters in equal ways. Our team is present on three continents and the realities we meet are a least as many as the markets we're acting in.

We’re organised in six different areas, which we call “Domains”. Our meeting places are part of the largest one called "Operations", and the other five support the meeting places with everything – from finance and leasing, to digital tools, expansion and communication.

We believe everyone has the right to be treated fairly and be given equal opportunities, regardless of their age, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, ethnicity, race, nationality, religion or any other dimension of their identity.

We value differences and encourage our co-workers to be themselves – because the uniqueness of everyone is what makes Ingka Centres better.


of our managers are women

different nationalities

is the age of our youngest leader

There’s only one planet Earth, but many ways to take care of it

How can a meeting place business contribute to a better planet? Well, there are many ways we can make a change. From developing more sustainable buildings, to planting trees and expanding our green areas. From providing a wide choice of plant-based food in our restaurant areas, to reducing over-consumption and running workshops on how to save water, electricity and other resources at home.

The possibilities are almost infinite – all we need is an idea. And maybe you already have a brilliant one we haven’t thought of yet. We can’t wait to hear what it is about!

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Try something new or keep doing what you love – just a bit better

Are you a co-creator searching to explore multiple perspectives? You’ll love to work with us. Are you perfectly comfortable with the role you’ve had so far? You’ll still love to work with us.

With our fit-for-purpose way of working, we encourage co-workers to come together, enabling you to seize many opportunities and grow. Along the way, we empower you to take initiatives, drive projects, connect with our network, explore and expand your possibilities – no matter if it’s in different Domains or even locations around the world.

And if you love what you’re already doing, you’ll get many chances to develop, improve and renew your ways of working without necessarily having to change position. It’s all up to you!

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