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Starting from what the many people want

You ever hear the saying, “change is the only constant”? Couldn’t be truer today, especially in the retail world. That’s why we’re not just about shopping; we’re about discovering, connecting, and bringing people and communities together.

We welcome traditional retailers – and untraditional ones as well

Retailers crafting experiences beyond products

Join us in our pursuit of a richer, more meaningful retail experience. We're excited to partner with retailers who are more than just sellers; they are enablers of growth, learning, and creative self-expression.

Cultural hubs enhancing local roots

Today's world may be digital, but our commitment to genuine connection remains unwavering. We're proud to partner with partners that enrich lives, champion the art of socialising, and build deep loyalty within our vibrant meeting place.

Spaces where communities connect and grow

Our commitment to community growth drives us to form new bonds with local authorities, educational institutions, and social groups. Together, we're shaping spaces for senior theatres, parent-kid clubs, and dynamic workshops, where community events and social entrepreneurship thrive.

Omni-channel heroes in modern retail

As we look ahead, we're eager to be at the forefront of the digital era alongside our valued partners. By joining forces with companies with a strong online presence, we're unlocking the potential to connect with new customers and create exciting revenue avenues for all partners in our meeting places.

Partners offering sustainable choices

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's our strategic compass. Together with our trusted partners, we're dedicated to fostering a more sustainable way of life. Our collaborations with eco-conscious companies are not only building a stronger reputation for our meeting places but also reinforcing our unique identity.

Online pioneers offering offline experiences

In the era of Digital Native Brands making their mark offline, we're here to support and innovate with partners who share our passion for customer-centric solutions. Together, we'll craft unique in-store experiences that defy expectations and make a lasting impact.

Ready to write the next chapter of retail together?

If you’re interested in getting to know more about leasing space with us or our meeting places in general, you can get in touch with us – we have different leasing contacts across our markets who are always happy to help!