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Helping our planet while taking a break

Our very first centre opened in 1973, Birsta City in Sundsvall (Sweden) has many inspiring stories to tell. And this one is about how to use space in a clever way to offer an area where everyone can, not only stretch their legs, but also find ways to have a positive impact on the planet.

We always see a vacant unit as a great opportunity to implement an innovative and creative idea that can add value to the local community – and that’s exactly what our team at Birsta City was thinking when they created the Circular Lounge.

Central to the whole area is what we call “the IKEA staircase”, a comfy place where visitors are invited to sit, relax and charge their phones – using green electricity, of course. And what if someone would like to indulge even longer and spend time together with a good book? No problem. The Circular Lounge features a bookcase open to everyone, where people can take, borrow, swap and also donate second-hand books.

Chilling out is not the only thing people can do in Birsta City’s Lounge. The second-hand store close-by the staircase offers carefully selected pre-loved clothes and accessories at affordable prices. And it doesn’t end here. There’s also an area where co-workers from the local IKEA store show customers and visitors ways to customise, re-use and re-purpose furniture and give new life to IKEA products.

“The Circular Lounge demonstrates our focus on sustainability. It has been a very inspiring project to work on, and we’re proud it took just two weeks to transform this area into a unique retail experience in close collaboration with our IKEA colleagues. We look forward to the Circular Lounge attracting a large number of visitors over the coming months and years. We’re excited to continue developing this one-off area in our meeting place.” – Annette Linder Jonsson, Birsta City Meeting Place, Customer Experience Specialist.

Since the space is conceived to be dynamic and flexible, there’s always something new happening in the Circular Lounge – it’s just a matter of stopping by Birsta City often and checking out the many brilliant ideas that inspire everyone to live a healthier and more sustainable life.

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