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One Planet - making sustainable living more accessible for all

One Planet is a a hub for sustainable inspiration, featuring everything from exhibitions and pop-up markets to interactive workshops and omni-channel engagements. It's all designed to encourage, inspire and empower the many people to live within the means of our one planet.

The problem we faced

90% of people believe that, as an individual, one can help address climate change.

But only 50% know how.

90% of people believe that, as an individual, one can help address climate change.

But only 50% know how.

Creating the future of retail (and our planet)

Welcome to One Planet, where Ingka Centres is reshaping the future of retail. Launched at Livat Wuxi and Livat Beijing in China, One Planet has quickly gained momentum, attracting over 20 million exposures, and welcoming more than 800,000 visitors in just four months.

One Planet is not just a space: it's a statement. It’s where sustainable fashion and design merge with innovation, technology, and lifestyle. During our launch, we forged partnerships with over 80 diverse collaborators from 10 sectors, including sustainable consumer brands, NGOs, and governments. The result is a testament to our dedication to help people live a more sustainable everyday life. And create a better planet.

One Planet is set to transform the Chinese market. All Livat meeting places are integrating the concept, with plans to extend into Europe, setting a new standard in sustainable retail. Here, each choice goes beyond consumption; it's a contribution to a greener world. Whether it's food, fashion, or tech, every product serves a purpose, and each purchase makes a positive impact.

+800,000 visits

80+ Partners Joined

+20 mil exposures

Join the ecosystem at One Planet: a hub of sustainable innovation

Imagine your brand being part of this dynamic incubator building buzzing city hubs. One Planet offers a unique opportunity for partners to showcase their commitment to sustainability, engage with like-minded businesses, and connect with an eco-conscious audience. Whether you're a small startup or a well-established brand, this is your chance to be at the forefront of sustainable retail.

Say goodbye to traditional retail constraints and hello to a world where innovation, community, and environmental responsibility come together. One Planet is a movement designed to educate and inspire everyone to live a more sustainable life.

Our co-created success stories

Circuit – a curated destination to inspire and enable a more circular lifestyle

Together with our tenants, communities and partners, the Circuit concept offers a curated mix of circular and sustainable products, but also services that enable you to prolong the life of the things you already own and love.

Saluhall – a celebration of Scandinavian food that nourish body and soul

Saluhall is more than a food hall, it is a community, a meeting and eating place that unite local vendors and conscious food choices. It ́s a place where people can come together to enjoy high-quality, tasty and sustainably-produced food with a Scandinavian ethos.