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MEGA Belaya Dacha

MEGA Belaya Dacha

From families to fashionistas, there’s something for everyone at MEGA Belaya Dacha that connects people with inspirational lifestyle experiences. With more than 370 stores, a kids' edutainment concept and on-trend leisure and dining clusters — it’s no wonder millions of visitors keep coming back. A combination of strong anchor tenants and fashion favourites drives traffic through the centre. And a new fashion cluster with brands for every customer segment will really keep the sales flowing. Belaya Dacha is designed to meet the needs of all the family. Including sports, children, entertainment, electronics, edutainment and casual dining, complemented by one of the most visited cinemas in the city. The two main buildings at Belaya Dacha are connected by a footbridge that doubles as a retail and leisure experience. After a refit, the footbridge offers cafes with panoramic views, new shopping and leisure facilities for MEGA visitors. And with Kidburg edutainment centre each visit to MEGA Belaya Dacha is outstanding fun for the whole family. Our guests of all ages could also enjoy a great time in the Community centre which offers a free library, co-working space and lounge area. And it is always something happening here: master classes, lectures, games, dancing and sports activities.

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