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We’re Ingka Centres. And we love people.

When people meet each other, incredible things can happen. Ideas sprout, new friendships begin and old friendships get a new start, collaborations give results and even love blossoms.

So, what’s our role in all of this? Ingka Centres provides spaces where this magic can happen. Our meeting places offer many reasons to visit – always anchored by IKEA and together with many inspiring partners, they attract lots of people, every day.

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Our vision

To create a better everyday life for the many people


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As one of the three business areas of Ingka Group, we’re on our journey with IKEA.

We’re building our future and growing together with Ingka Investments and IKEA Retail, the core business of Ingka Group.

As a long-term partner of IKEA, we share with them our culture, our values and our vision, which drives us every day and in everything we do. It’s a powerful and helpful tool that inspires us in our daily jobs, that shapes our ideas and that brings all of our co-workers together. And it’s around these words that we create meeting places that make people’s lives a little bit easier, more exciting and, most of all, happier.

Just click on the link below to have a sneak-peek of our background and our shared relationship with IKEA.

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We have big plans for the future. And everyone can be part of it.

We have just embarked on an exciting journey that will take us to revolutionise the traditional idea of shopping centre and transform it into that of meeting place.

Our journey to create a new concept of meeting places started from the many people. We’ve listened to their wishes, investigated their habits and collected their stories to create spaces with a varied offer of services that is suitable for everyone.

And because we like to do things together and involve people, everyone is welcomed to join and help us make our plans for the future become reality. You too.

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