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Re-inventing the meeting place idea

Nowadays, there’s a lot of talk about how the world is changing and how the retail industry has to adapt to new trends in order to survive. In our market, the idea of “meeting place” is a hot topic – but it’s not a brand-new concept.

As many others, we also believe that, for our spaces to face the future, we need to shift to a completely new idea, something that moves away from the traditional notion of “shopping centres” and “retail parks.”

What we propose is a different interpretation of the concept of “meeting place” – our own, unique way of creating spaces where everyone can, not only find what they need, but also grow, learn, connect, meet and have fun.

Embracing also local communities, local authorities and our partners, our own interpretation of meeting place starts from the many people – because, after all, they are not simply consumers, they are those who change the world.

We're always curious about how life is going in our communities

During 2023, we have been on a journey, diving deep into local communities in the US, Poland, Sweden, China, and Spain, to better understand habits, needs, and aspirations when it comes to spending time outside of homes with family, friends, or as a part of local community.

The result? We put together many amazing findings in our very first and one-of-a-kind research. It was a rollercoaster of unexpected discoveries, new insights, and lots of fun.

Interested to know what we discovered? Check our "Life in Communities Report"

Bringing value to people, communities and our planet

To create a better everyday life for us means to put people at the heart of everything we do, turning their dreams into realities, wishes into possibilities, and making virtual connections become real-life ones.

It also means to take care of our communities and make them thrive by bringing people together, creating movements and joining forces to make things happen. 

And how can people and communities be happy if our planet isn’t? That’s why we’ve taken a stand on sustainability and work hard to have a positive impact on the environment, while also enabling people to do their part and making a healthier and more sustainable life accessible, affordable and attractive too.

Our business idea

Together with IKEA and other partners we co-create virtual and physical meeting places where the many can meet, find what they need, and connect with their communities and the world.

We create our future. Together.

Sometimes there’s a long way between ideating a new concept and putting it into practice. But we believe we have found a way to make things happen in a good way – and quickly too.

If it’s true that there’s strength and safety in numbers, then why not create our future together? Just imagine the possibilities: thousands of ideas, strong resources and lots of people who work together to create new and innovative initiatives every day for themselves and for those around them.

Co-creation for us means to brainstorm and join forces with IKEA Retail, our partners, the local communities and the many people to make everyone’s dreams come true and create meeting places everyone can enjoy.

Our Co-creation stories