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Announcements, New Projects ~ August 03, 2023

Ingka Centres and Industrious Partner Together to Launch a New Coworking Concept in San Francisco

Hej!Workshop, Ingka Centres’ unique coworking concept will make its US debut in downtown San Francisco and strive for affordability and sustainability while promoting mental health, work-life balance, and playfulness in the office

SAN FRANCISCO, CA— Ingka Centres, an expert in creating unique meeting places, and Industrious, the highest-rated flexible workplace company, partnered together to launch Hej!Workshop, a unique and flexible coworking concept inside of Ingka Centres' San Francisco meeting place, located at 945 Market Street. Hej!Workshop is set to open its doors in early 2024.

Hej!Workshop, first launched in Ingka Centres’ meeting place in Stockholm in 2022, is an innovative workspace model that embraces Swedish values of better affordability, sustainability, and overall well-being. With a focus on creating a vibrant community built on shared experiences, the co-working space offers members a variety of collaborative environments and dedicated areas for focused work all designed to foster organic interactions among colleagues. IKEA for Business contributed to the interior design of the space. Members will also have an opportunity to personalize their workplace so that it feels like a true home for their business. Industrious will operate the location and incorporate it into its global workplace platform, which includes over 160 locations across 65 markets.

“We are excited to collaborate with Industrious to launch the first US location of Hej!Workshop, at our meeting place” said Jens Nielsen, Commercial and Digital Manager at Ingka Centers. “The name speaks for itself. Hej! [hei] is hello in Swedish and one of the most powerful words in our daily language – a way to spark new conversations, connections, and ideas, putting people, and community first. The future of the workplace must be just as dynamic, with an environment that fosters creativity, encourages playfulness and meaningful interactions, and exposes workers to new ideas and experiences. Hej!Workshop with Industrious is designed to be an appealing space that centers hospitality and offers a variety of workspaces, allowing individuals to seamlessly transition between collaborative and focused tasks.”

With the normalization of hybrid workstyles, traditional commercial business districts, including downtown San Francisco, have struggled to return to pre-pandemic occupancy levels. Hej!Workshop with Industrious offers a fresh approach by combining the best elements of working from home and a hospitality-centric workplace, creating an enticing destination for professionals seeking flexibility and productivity. The co-working space will occupy 46,470 square feet within the expansive 250,000 square feet San Francisco meeting place, which also includes an IKEA store and other amenities. This strategic project is designed to help transform the downtown center into a lively hub that effectively addresses the evolving needs of the modern workforce.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ingka Centres to bring a new flexible office concept to San Francisco,” said Jamie Hodari, CEO and co-Founder at Industrious. “The way we work is changing and our expectations of the workplace need to change with it. What sets Hej!Workshop apart is its remarkable optimism and the effort put into reimagining the office as a destination, where professionals can be inspired, productive and connect with their colleagues, without leaving behind the comforts of home."

Hej!Workshop with Industrious will be built according to LEED certification requirements and will be powered by renewable electricity, emphasizing the partnership’s commitment to sustainability. By incorporating biophilic design principles, the coworking space creates a healthier and more sustainable working environment with eco-friendly building materials and energy-efficient fixtures. Additionally, comprehensive green cleaning and recycling policies will be implemented to minimize waste and promote environmental responsibility.

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