LEGO bricks were the guest star of the “Put it together and take it” event around MEGA stores in Russia.

Building up creativity, one LEGO brick at a time

Put it together and take it
MEGA Centres

Imagine as a kid entering a room with lots of colourful LEGO bricks for you to play with. And then lots of instruction booklets with many figures to choose from: animals, cars, boats, planes, buildings, or even create your own. And the best part being to be able to take your figure back home with you.

Wouldn’t that be an amazing dream?

Well, the MEGA centres, our local brand in Russia, made this come true by organising special LEGO Days in collaboration with certified LEGO stores.

Intended for children aged between 5 an 12, the workshops held in 2017 gathered tons of young fans of the most famous construction toy in the world, who met at MEGA children’s clubs to set their creativity free.

"During the master class, each child assembles an original model with instructions or help from a play assistant. The most wonderful thing is that the children take the toy with them. Parents can give their children the joy and excitement of working with a favourite constructor without being obliged to buy anything", says Yulia Zvyagina, Advertising and Marketing Manager for certified LEGO stores, commenting on the event.

“The ‘Put It Together and Take It’ master classes are really unique. In a short time they provide children with the basics of building with LEGO and immerse them in the process of creativity and play.”

Yulia Zvyagina, Advertising and Marketing Manager for certified LEGO stores

“The master classes also play an important role for us. It’s our chance to tell new customers about ourselves and bring traffic to our stores, as well as to increase the loyalty of regular customers”, says Yulia.

Overall, it was a successful initiative of the MEGA centres for all the families that joined it. Parents were invited to take part to the activity, getting to play with their favourite childhood toy and creating some together-time with their kids out of home, which made them happy too.

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