View of Älmhults handelsplats.

Älmhults handelsplats

The world's first IKEA department store was opened here in Älmhult more than 50 years ago. And now we have worked together with IKEA to implement a major initiative in this historically significant area. This is an attractive retail park for families and friends from near and far. Our retail park is offering 14 stores and outlet shops, totally in line with IKEA Fynd, IKEA:s one and only outlet store that’s located here.

0 catchment area 0 shops 0 m² leasable area

Some quick facts

Opening year
Parking spaces
2 200
Leasable area
49 740
Catchment area
370 000
Public transportation

Market Information

Almhult map

Floor plans

Key partners

IKEA, IKEA Fynd, Iittala Outlet, Jem & Fix, Subway

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Our Services

  • Pharmacy
  • Fast Food
  • Grocery Store

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