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MEGA Kazan is a well-known fashion destination in Tatarstan with the best choice for customers. The shopping centre had a significant upgrade, which included a landscaped square with fountains and mood lighting, and a new Tasty Boulevard food court. Located at the heart of one of the most economically developed regions in Russia, the redesign of the centre will be the talk of the town. In a densely populated district with excellent transport links, MEGA Kazan is easy to reach and impossible to resist. The redesign of MEGA Kazan is creating a whole new kind of shopping experience. From the moment they walk through the doors, visitors to MEGA Kazan will know they’re somewhere special. Spectacular entrances and facades create a sense of arrival, beautifully landscaped gardens welcome friends and families and a unique 2-level food court opens up a world of new flavours. With every taste and all budgets catered for, MEGA Kazan is truly the place to be.

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