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MEGA Teply Stan

MEGA Teply Stan

MEGA Teply Stan is perfectly placed to serve the rapidly expanding catchment area of both new and old Moscow. Famous for inspirational family days out and its wide range of dining options, Teply Stan enjoys over 28 million visitors a year. We created a new conceptual fashion and design space where all the latest fashion trends are combined with services unique for a shopping mall in UNDERLINE space. We aim to enhance the role of MEGA Teply Stan as the centre of contemporary fashion with a unique concept and creative studios and showrooms.  Developed by an international team of architects, designers and restauranteurs, the unique design of MEGA Teply Stan includes a lounge area with a spherical pavilion and entertainment area. The exclusive tenant mix with new brands will let our customers relax in the stylish atmosphere, and at the same time find out more about design trends and cutting-edge fashion collections.

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