Italie Deux in Paris

Italie Deux

Italie Deux, ItaliK, and the neighbouring office complex Apollo are three exciting assets located at the South West corner of the Place d’Italie, a public space in the 13th Arrondissement of Paris. These mixed-use destinations have an excellent, visible location at the heart of a densely populated district and are accessible by three metro lines and by car. We will unite them into our first urban meeting place in France. We’re determined to make everyday life better for the many people of Paris, with an affordable, sustainable range of destination retail, restaurants, services and amenities.

зона охвата



арендная площадь

факты и цифры

Год открытия





парковочных мест


арендная площадь


зона охвата


общественный транспорт

Bus, Metro, Train

Наши услуги

  • WIFI
  • PRM Accessibility
  • Restrooms
  • Amazon Lockers
  • Objetos perdidos
  • Parking
  • ATMs
  • Helmet locker
  • Photo booth
  • Photocopier
  • Photo Printing Kiosk - Speedlab
  • Nursery
  • Pharmacy
  • Smartphone and tablet charging stations
  • Tax Refund
  • Water fountain
  • Interactive kiosks
  • Resting area
  • Booking taxis
  • Information desk

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30 Av. d'Italie

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